Travel Safety: 3 Tips

It doesn’t make sense to be hyper-sensitive about the many perceived dangers lurking around each corner when you travel.  It does make sense to be reasonably aware of your surroundings and employ a few tricks to make life a little more difficult for someone trying to steal from you.
Listed below are three helpful tips.

1) Use a towel
When carrying a day pack or large purse worn over the shoulder(s), place a towel or flat piece of cardboard in the bottom of the bag.  Why?  Often thieves will slink up behind unsuspecting victims and slice open the bag’s underside with a razor, then simply walk away with the contents.  This is usually done in crowded areas and with such expertise that the thief is long gone before anyone notices that items are missing.
A towel will keep your valuables in place.

2) Rock climbing anyone?
Consider picking up a screw lock carabiner at your local sporting goods store.  Hook it on your carryall and whenever you sit down, simply attach the carabiner to your chair.  Any thief who tries to snatch your bag and run off will have to take you, and the chair, with him.

3) Is that a wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Law enforcement experts across the board agree that the best thing to do when being held up is to throw your wallet on the ground, turn, and run like hell.  The theory is that robbers are much more interested in your wallet than you and will go after the money every time.  So why not carry a dummy wallet with a few bucks and some expired credit cards when you travel?  Just make sure you remember which is the dummy wallet and which one is real.

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