To Catch A Thief: Take 2

Le Stuff’s Definitive Location Guide to Alfred Hitchcock’ s Classic Film

Series Post #4

At the end of post #3 several policemen had been dispatched to question John Robie at his villa in the hills above Nice.  As they drive into the countryside the village of Gourdon is visible in the distance.


The Villa:
From Gourdon the scene fades and we see, for the first time, John Robie’s villa (pictured above). This is the villa that seems to generate so much interest.
The house is located on the main road leading up to the village of
Saint Jeannet.  The village and the Baou (cliff) de St Jeannet are in the background.


The villa today looks almost exactly like it does in the movie.
It’s privately owned (visitors are not allowed) and well maintained.  Anyone driving to St Jeannet on D18 will pass the house (on the left), though most are probably unaware of its cinematic significance.

I recently was browsing around Trip Advisor when I came across a photograph (below) of the villa as seen from the village.  Some changes have obviously been made to the back terrace, but I think Robie would be quite pleased that his house has held up so well.


Trip Notes

The village of St Jeannet is charming, uncrowded, and well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  The Baou de St Jeannet is an internationally known climbing destination, but have no fear, there are stairs leading to the top for those of us who don’t want to invest in carabiners and chalk bags.
A smattering of pleasant, affordable cafes are found throughout the village.

Le Vignoble de St Jeannet

The Vignoble de St. Jeannet is a small, privately owned winery that just may be the area’s best kept secret.
Owner George Rasse lives with his family on the property and will guide you through his process of producing and tasting fine wines.  He doesn’t speak English, but that won’t stop him from giving you detailed descriptions of each vintage in French.  Even if you don’t understand a single word, just smile and occasionally nod your head in silent agreement.
For a nominal fee your little treasures can be packed for the flight home.
Le Vignoble de St Jeannet
800 route des sausses
06640 Saint Jeannet
tel. 04 93 24 96 01

More to follow….

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16 responses

  1. I got your blog address right here in Birmingham AL today! I’m a Francophile trapped in the south, and it’s not the SOUTH of France ! I’ll be back, don’t you worry! Check our my Paris photo blog. Hope you like it.

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  3. Like you, I am fascinated by “To Catch a Thief”. Why? It was made the year I was born, now I own an apartment in Nice, it is of course my favourite part of the world, and the film captures perfectly the ambiance of the Cote d’Azur and Provence. I am setting out this morning from Nice to find John Robie’s villa and retrace some of the chase scene, so very excited! Thank you for the help provided by your website

    • That’s awesome Charles! What a great way to spend the day. Thanks so much for your comment and please keep me updated on your searches.

  4. Cant believe I have come across this site today we are on holidays in the south of france and were just about to leave for Gourdon when i decide to research the area Cary grant is my favourite all time movie star and the best looking thanks so much for this site ! bye now off to Gourdon to investigate really excited

  5. Currently on honeymoon in the Riviera, with a few nights in Bar Sur Loup, and the wife and I are watching the film now. Love this site, thanks so much!

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  7. Thx, Le Stuff, for providing us with such great Information. Love the Côte d’Azur since I first visited it at the age of 8 in 1969. I have been traveling many beautiful places throughout the world with my family, but I have not succeeded in finding anything that could even nearly come close to this unique place full of natural beauty, elegance, perfect climate and warm-hearted relaxed people who seem to know the essence of life being able to celebrate ‘le savoir-vivre’.

    • Juergen, thanks so much for your comment and my apologies for my late reply! I agree, the south of France is a beautiful and unique area that really has so much to offer. It has been a real gift for me to spend so much time there and to have had so many wonderful experiences. Happy and safe travels to you in the future and thank you again for being in touch!

  8. I love it! Such a great villa and a perfect match for Robie. Elegant, yet in an understated, classic way. Thank you very much for the pic Rudi!

  9. No problem. Yes it certainly is. If it would be for sale and had the money, I would buy it in a minute :)

    I’m still searching for images that would show the other side of the house. Just to see how much has changed since the movie. The entrance is pretty much the same as it was from what I can see so far. I really like that.

  10. Found this nice video of the villa and they also talked to the owner. It’s in french but you can turn on the subtitles and translation. Wish it would show more of it but still, I’m happy with every new bit of information :)

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