Une Etoile!

Never let it be said that Le Stuff fails to steer serious foodies to the proper table.

A favorite restaurant, about which I previously posted here and here, has received a Michelin Star.  

L’Hostellerie du Chateau, located in the small, absurdly picturesque village of Le Bar sur Loup, has hit the big time.

It is long overdue.

For those not familiar with the Michelin Star, let me give you a quick heads-up.

It’s a big deal, a really big deal, especially in France where top chefs can attain rock-star status.

So félicitations L’Hostellerie du Chateau!

I always knew you had it in you.

5 responses

  1. It’s a great place where to spend an unforgateble moment.
    You’re right, they really deserved it!
    Again a good recomandation from Le Stuff ;-)
    You know South-East of France better than a French!

  2. Bravo! Have dined there several times, and each time was an experience merveilleux! Their Michelin star is well deserved and will, no doubt, draw many gourmets and gourmands to the charming village of Le Bar-sur-Loup. Incidentally, the restaurant is located in the chateau where Admiral de Grasse was born. The Admiral played a major role in our American Revolution. Had it not been for de Grasse, Washington might not have won the battle at Yorktown. By the way, the main street in Le Bar-sur-Loup is named Yorktown. How about that?

  3. Le Stuff (DD): Hello. Your article is wonderful but just look at that accompanying picture grid. Its RIDONKULOUS! Your eye for gorgeous modern graphics astounds me! -Brian in Bham

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