Sold: L’Auberge de Tourrettes

It seems one of my favorite spots in the south of France, The Auberge de Tourrettes, has been sold and is now under new management.

The news hit me like a ton of croissants.

Village view from the the back terrace

The Auberge has held the top spot on my “favorites” list for many years.
This small property on the outskirts of the village of Tourrettes sur Loup has housed my wedding guests, organized superb wine tastings, and provided me with countless delicious meals and glasses of wine.

I always looked forward to a quiet dinner on the small terrace with the ever-present aroma of fresh flowers and the sublime view of the Mediterranean across the broad Loup Valley.

Will it ever be the same?

Will the new owners continue to operate with the same attention to detail and service?

I’ll try to let you know soon….

Alpes Maritimes: The country auberge


I want to let you in on a little secret:
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to eat and drink well, really well, in the south of France.  Usually the Michelin starred establishments garner all the attention, but I am here to tell you that devoted foodies are really missing out on something special if they choose to snub their noses at lesser known country kitchens.  I’ve eaten in many restaurants in France over the years and there is simply no substitute for the Mom and Pop operations.  This is certainly not meant to be disparaging to restaurants that have worked hard to earn their stars.  In fact, ask me about my experiences at one, two, or three starred establishments and I will regale you an entire evening with stories about the incredible attention to detail, the perfectly choreographed presentation of each dish, and the mind blowing service that reaches a level that can only be referred to as intuitive.
You’ll hear at least one or two quips about the speed at which a server almost impaled himself on the back of a chair while rushing to light a customer’s cigarette (pre-smoking ban of course), and certainly there will be a mention Continue reading