Movies to watch before traveling to the south of France….

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief”

One surefire way to increase your excitement about an upcoming trip is to watch a movie set in or near your destination. Listed below are a few of my favorite flicks filmed in the south of France.

To Catch A Thief (1953)
Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, the French Riviera.  Need I say more?
A stylish, timeless classic directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Great footage of Le Bar sur Loup, Tourrettes sur Loup, Gourdon, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Eze, and more.

And God Created Woman (1956)
The one that put St Tropez and Brigitte Bardot on the map.  Watch it and you’ll understand why everyone was so gaga about Brigitte.  There is also great post war footage of St Tropez before it became an international tourist destination.

French Kiss (1995)
Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan star in this feel good chick flick shot in Paris and the south of France.  Plenty of scenes filmed on La Croisette and in The Hotel Carlton in Cannes.  The nearby village of Valbonne is also prominently featured.

Ronin (1999)
The ultimate European thriller starring Robert DeNiro as a bad-ass ex C.I.A. agent for hire.  Lots of footage shot in Cannes, the village of La Turbie, the old port in Nice, and in the hills behind Le Bar sur Loup.

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  2. Perhaps the scenery doesn’t stand to “To Catch a Thief” but Jean de Flourette and Manon of the Spring rank among great French Classics set in southern France.

  3. I also like “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, with Michael Caine and Steve Martin. Filmed in the French Riviera. Beautiful and funny.

  4. Thanks David, for the movie Ronin suggestion…it was off the wall AND terrific…I mean, really…those car chases! What fun! But the scene in Villefranche, while great to see it, was, of course too short….A fun movie to watch, all in all. Thanks for the suggestion…and, wasn’t De Niro just terrific?

  5. Oh, and Jewel of the Nile with Michael Douglas. If you stay in the famed Welcome Hotel in Villefranche, which featured in the film, there’s a signed portrait of him adorning the reception wall.

    • I’ll have to check that out. Another one of my favorite films, Ronin with Robert DeNiro, has a scene in Villefranche. If you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend it. Other great scenes in Old Nice and La Turbie. Keep em coming Antony!!!

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