Bon Manger

When dining out context plays such an important role that it’s sometimes difficult to focus solely on the meal. This is why I’m ambivalent when it comes to eating at 3 starred restaurants.


It’s very difficult to focus on the food when there’s a complex dog and pony show going on around you.

I have rarely left a 3 starred establishment talking about the food, rather, I tend say things like “Did you count how many people were serving us?” or “My water glass never got below half-full!”

Dine at a 3 starred restaurant and you will no doubt walk away dazzled, but given the choice I’ll spend my hard-earned Euros at a good old mom and pop establishment anytime.

A few of my back country favorites are listed below in no particular order.

La Grange
Located on the picturesque square in Tourrettes sur Loup.
Very casual with outdoor seating, good pizzas, and simple Italian dishes.
4 place de la Liberation
Tourrettes sur Loup, France

Auberge des Gorges du Loup
Situated at the mouth of the spectacular Gorges du Loup in the tiny village of Pont du Loup, this family-run hotel/restaurant is always pleasant and affordable.  The perfect spot for dining alfresco on a warm evening.
4 Pont du Loup
Tourrettes sur Loup, France 06140
04 93 59 38 01

Au Vieux Four
There are plenty of tables with a better view, but skip those in favor of this charming restaurant nestled into a pedestrian-only side street in the beautiful village of Gourdon. Friendly service, fresh meats and vegetables, regional wines, exceptional breads and local cheeses make Au Vieux Four the perfect spot for a delicious lunch.

Rue Basse
06620 Gourdon, France
04 93 09 68 60

Auberge de Courmes
Drive up through the dramatic Gorges du Loup, turn right at Bramafan, and follow the winding, narrow road to the village of Courmes, a hidden gem tucked away into the mountain-side. The Auberge de Courmes is sophisticated country dining in a stunning setting that will not disappoint.

3 Rue des Platanes
06620 Courmes, France
04 93 77 64 70

Le Donjon
A welcome, much-needed addition to the delightful village of Le bar sur Loup.  Honestly, I have never gotten past the absurdly delicious hamburger and frites, but my friends tell me the rest of the menu is equally delicious and I believe them. You should too.

Place Francis Paulet
06620 Le Bar-sur-Loup, France
04 93 77 53 92



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  1. These are excellent suggestions. I’ve had the pleasure of dining at three of the restaurants you’ve recommended, and I agree with you completely. However, I do love an evening or lazy afternoon spent in a two or three star restaurant

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